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Design and testing of Rusty Malinoski’s ULTRA Binding has been a multiyear process. The Ultra Binding is a light weight sleek design with an engineered mesh construction. It’s simple and supportive design is perfect for hard charging riders. Built atop our Fusion Plate System and incorporating Hyperlite’s new 3D Formed Heat Moldable Pro Liner, the Ultra has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The final binding we sent to the man himself elicited this response, “The best binding I’ve ridden, the support was right on, fit and finish are amazing and after I heat molded the liner it felt so comfy, I’m blown away.” Rusty tells it like it is, this is no BS.

#21 Hyperlite Ultra Wakeboard Boot Construction Features

  • Fusion Plate System
  • 3-Part Construction
  1. Insole: Comfort & Arch Support
  2. Midsole: Impact Resistance
  3. Outsole: Traction Durability
  • Heat Moldable Pro Liner
  • 6” Universal Mounting Spread
  • Internal Upper Support
  • Aluminum Claw Mounting System
  • Injected EVA Base Pad
  • 3 Point Velcro Closure
  • HyperCush Insole

#21 Hyperlite Ultra Wakeboard Boot Sizing

  • EU 39-41/US 7-8
  • EU 42/US 9
  • EU 43/US 10
  • EU 44-45/US 11
  • EU 46/US 12
  • EU 47-48/US 13-14

Fusion Plate

The most durable injected polymer available. Creates a strong connection to the board with minimal heel and toe lift. Our universal 6” mounting spread allows our boot to work on any board.

Aluminum Claw Mounting System

The larger teeth design and aluminum hardware ensure a secure interface.

Injected EVA Outsole

Added traction under foot so your boots stay put.

Integrated Ankle Harness

Built into the lacing system, this feature provides additional heel hold to prevent unwanted lift.

Removable Pro Liner

This heat moldable liner is built from the most advanced EVA formula available. It not only provides comfort but also features a stability cuff for added support and integrated flex zones for full mobility.

HyperCush Insole

Maximum impact protection and anatomical design make this insole the only choice. The added EVA allows for a plush feel under foot with no loss of board response.


EU 39-41/US 7-8, EU 42/US 9, EU 43/US 10, EU 44-45/US 11, EU 46/US 12, EU 47-48/US 13-14


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