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  • Quad-S© 2mm 4-Way Stretch Neoprene
  • Secure Hood System
  • Aquaguarded Zipper Stash Pockets
  • Velcro Wrist StrapsThe 2022 Follow Neo Anorak combines modern aesthetics with technical innovation. Crafted using the unique slick European look of the ‘F#*fed’ vest line, this Quad-S© 2mm 4-Way Stretch Neoprene is built to move anywhere at any time of year. Velcro Wrist Straps and Lycra Hand Sleeves ramp up the security factor. The longer back cut provides extra protection & multiple stash pockets (including the huge full-front stash compartment) could house a small to medium sized village and its outlying suburbs.

    #2022 Follow Layer 3.12 Neo Anorak Construction Features

    • Quad-S© 2mm 4-Way Stretch Neoprene
    • Secure Hood System
    • Aquaguarded Zipper Stash Pockets
    • Velcro Wrist Straps

    #2022 Follow Layer 3.12 Neo Anorak Fit Sizing

    • XSmall 75-80cm
    • Small 80-88cm
    • Medium 88-95cm
    • Large 95-110cm
    • XLarge 110-118cm
    • XXLarge 118-124cm

    3.12 – NEO OUTER

    The Neo Outerwear range features an oversized cut to wear over your vest while maintaining shape for style and comfort. Quad-S© 2mm 4-way Stretch Neoprene delivers go-to protection from the elements while maintaining body heat. Our soft-to-touch but durable-in-structure Neo Outerwear range is a must to keep the chill off when the weather changes.


    2mm 4-way Stretch Neoprene. Wakeboarding can cause your body to move in unanticipated directions. This means you need neoprene that can handle the uncertainty while maintaining its integrity. Our Quad-S© 4-way Stretch Neoprene provides movement while maintaining durability to satisfy you all year long.


    In the times that wearing a hood isn’t necessary (like a bluebird day in winter or when your hair is looking too good to cover up) our secure click-button system holds the hood in place. This ensures minimal wear and tear as well as making sure it doesn’t flail about in the wind.


    Pretty straight forward. We put Velcro on the sleeves so they don’t go anywhere when you ride. You’re welcome.

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